Document imaging and paper conve

Document imaging and paper conversion

Document Imaging

We specialize in document imaging and paper conversion for files, and records. We handle document preperation, and can facilitate standard and wide-format paper sizes, enabling us to provide document imaging services for any size project.

Paper Conversion

Our paper conversion service provides you with the ability to turn any paper document or file into a digital copy. Conversion options can include indexing, optical character recognition (OCR), tagging, and other useful features.

Digital Copies

Digital copies of all document scanning jobs can be output to a variety of media types. Depending on the customer needs, a pdf, jpg, tif, or other common file types can be output to storage devices, cd, dvd, or even ftp upload to a secure site.

Local Minnesota Document Imaging Experts

We are your Minnesota local, dependable, honest, and affordable provider of document imaging services. No document imaging job is too large or too small - and we'll make sure it's done right, on time, and on budget!

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Pricing based on quantity needed

Price-per-page is listed below, grouped into box or cabinet quantities for easy estimation.
Turnaround Time
Auto Feed*
Glass Work*
1 Bankers Box (about 2,750 pages)
Banker's drawer
1 Day
Call For Quote
Call For Quote
Call For Quote
1 Week
1 File Cabinet (about 22,000 pages)
File Cabinet
1 Day
Call For Quote
Call For Quote
Call For Quote
1 Week
Call For Quote
1 Month


Auto Feed; documents need no preparation to being scanned, good condition with no staples, etc.

Litigation; documents stapled, have post-it notes, are bound, are delicate or poor quality, or requiring inspection and separation before scanning.

Glass Work; documents must be placed directly on the scanner glass due to quality or size.

If you don't know where your needs fall, just contact us!

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