Services for your scanning

Services for your scanning, imaging, and conversion needs

Document Scanning

Usually when clients implement an imaging system, there is a backlog of documents that need to be scanned and added to the new system. IOT can help determine the best method for handling these document backlogs. We work with you to determine which documents to convert and outline a cost effective process for back file conversion.

Convert documents to a digital format

Our scanning and archive services consolidate your electronic records into a unified and efficient archive that is easily searched, retrieved, and managed. With a wide range of solutions available, we have the right format for converting your documents of any type into digital format, for fast and easy access.

The benefits of document scanning

Here's a quick fact - it takes 16 file cabinets (64 drawers, standard size) to hold 2.7 million paper documents. The same number of documents can also be scanned and stored on a single 80 gigabyte hard drive. When using a document scanning or document imaging system, document storage space and cost savings are just the beginning!

Scan To File Solutions

One great feature is the ability to "Scan to File", which is the scanning a paper document and saving it to your existing file system. You can scan, name and save documents directly into your file system from your scanner, copier or mfp device. This is the optimal solution as you can simply walk up to the device, scan the paper and save it in one easy process.

You need to scan the paper first

Most newer copiers and mfp's come standard with an integrated document scanner. We recommend this over a dedicated scanner, as it provides more overall functionality, is more efficient and takes up less space in your office than several separate devices.

Connect the scanner to your file system

If your copier or mfp is about 3 years old, or newer, chances are that it came bundled with Scan to File software included with the device - so you already have what you need! Most dedicated scanners also come packaged with scanning software. If your device did not come with scanning software, or you are not sure if it did or not - we can help!

Hosted and Cloud Based Solutions

A hosted document management solution provides you with great cost-saving benefits, rapid deployment and 24/7 access from anywhere! Enjoy automated data backup, SSL security encryption and peace of mind knowing that your scanned documents are safe, secure and backed up!

Reduce your capital investment

Using hosted solutions eliminates the need for costly capital investments in document management technologies, as there are no servers, storage media or other infrastructure to purchase. Since the storage and retrieval system is web based, there is no need for the purchase, maintenance or replacement of any hardware.

Expand capacity quickly as needs grow

With a hosted solution you simply scale up your storage requirements as your needs demand. No monitoring of remaining space, planning for future upgrades or life cycle management. Just add more space to your plan!

Security, backup, and disaster recovery

Since the hosted solution is web based it is a great resource for backup and disaster recovery needs. You an access your data 24/7, from anywhere - so if something goes wrong with your physical network you can ensure that your documents are safe, secure and readily available.

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