Minnesota Onsite Document Scanning

When it comes to scanning document that are in your office, there are factors that will guide you to how you want to go about to getting it done.

First you evaluate what everything you want to scan – keep the electronic copies of documents, who can see what the content of the document is. That will lead you to make a decision if you will send the document scanned somewhere outside of your office or you would feel more comfortable to scan it under your supervision.

You would start make research on what is the cost for getting the job done. Here is some information on services we can provide in regards to scanning the documents in your office. There are 2 options that we have.

Onsite Scanning

Full Onsite Scanning Service

IOT will provide personnel and equipment to scan. Depending on the size of the project and time frame that it needs to get completed will determine how many people we need to have involved to meet your needs. Space also plays roll in what we can do. However, at times it might limit to how many people can work on the project as well, that will also affect the duration of the project. In regard to pricing this is option is the more expensive one. The pricing includes equipment fees, administration fees.

Managed Onsite Scanning Service

IOT provides equipment and provides training for the equipment and how to scan, and you provide personnel ( current or hire as needed) We can also provide a designated person from IOT to come and check on the progress periodically, to ensure that things are going smooth – scanners are working properly , quality of scans, performance of personnel to meet the deadlines). You might ask – Why not use copier that we already have? That is a valid question – at times when copier is on a lease and maintenance plan, there are charges involved with using document scanner portion of the copier. That Can incur additional cost with the copier company. At the same time there is disruption due to other employees needing to use the copier. Also, your desk is few cubicles away from the copier to see the quality of the scanned job, that will affect productivity. Having said all these, it is beneficial to rent the equipment. In regard to personnel, this is where you can save some money. You might already have someone that can do this during their regular hours. You would need to specify how much time and what part of their regular day the scanning portion will be. Keep in mind if you have deadline for getting your documents converted into electronic form. You can hire a temporary employee, get them trained and keep them for as long as the project takes. With this option IOT can again provide a dedicated person to oversee the project to make sure everything is going according to schedule.

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