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Our Plymouth document scanning services will help you get those documents out from the outdated binder into the new and secure digital. Our fast and personal document service scanning will scan or copy your documents, records, and files into any paper, digital, cd, dvd, pdf, or jpg format combinations you need, we’ll also ensure that these scans or copies are secure in our data and storage centers. All your old paper documents, we will make them new for you in secure digital format via efficient and secure services that leave your information in secure data centers and storage, to be taken out as needed.

We Are Your Document Scanners

You don’t need to search any longer for the best and most secure scanning services in town. For one-time projects,  daily document scanning, or bulk scanning services – we provide customized scanning, copying, and conversion services to meet your specific needs, all while doing it in a secure way that prevents the theft or destruction of your information and documents, these are of course, possible thanks to our advanced and secure data centers and storage.

No document scanning jobs or services are too large or too small in Plymouth – and we’ll make sure it’s done right, on time, and on budget!

Document Scanning Plymouth

Digital File Conversion

Transform your documents from paper files into PDF, JPG, and digital formats.

  • Filing Cabinets
  • Banker Boxes
  • Customer Records
  • Student Files
  • Business Documents
  • Historical Records
  • Training Manuals
  • Service Manuals
  • Record Books
  • Corporate Records
  • Blueprints
  • Drafts
  • Artwork
  • Posters
  • Medical Records
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Finances

We specialize in the high-speed, advanced scanning and conversion of paper documents, files, and records into various formats using new, secure, and efficient processes, all to ensure that your document is sent in record time. Our file conversion service provides you with the ability to turn any paper document or file into a new digital copy. Digital copies of all document scanning jobs can be output to a variety of media types. Depending on the customer needs, a pdf, jpg, tif, or other common file types can be output to storage devices, cd, dvd, or even ftp upload to a site or in one of our many data centers, all of of which are highly secure and thieves can’t access, all thanks to advanced security measures and proper management of your information in order to prevent the theft or destruction. We take care of your document scanning needs in a efficient and secure way, the right way. Now that you’re interested, go on and take our services today, and get involved with our rapid document management, scanning, and imaging service! Others need not apply, you’ll find that we outpace the competition by miles, year after year.

Fast Turn Around Document Scanning Times

No matter how large your project is, or whether you need it fast or slow – we have well trained staff that can work around the clock to meet your organizations time sensitive needs.  We have the top equipment, software, and experience to scan your paper based documents and materials and transform them into digital format, with attention to quality and consistency on every scan we do.

Scanning Fragile Documents

Some originals need special treatment before we can scan them. In certain cases, we will use a Mylar carrier to protect your documents if necessary. We make conversion of fragile documents safe.

About Minnesota Document Scanning Services

Bob BrennanServing Plymouth Since 1995

From the smallest document imaging projects and digital archiving jobs, to scanning decades worth of corporate files, we can service your needs and work with your budget to create the right document digitization program for your needs.

Minnesota Document Scanning is part of International Office Technologies (IOT), located in Eagan, MN.  IOT has provided business to business services to Plymouth and the surrounding metro area since 1995, specializing in office productivity and document handling technologies and services.

From laser printers, copiers, and toner cartridges to document scanners, large format printers and scanners, and document management software solutions, IOT has the experience and knowledge base to solve your digital file conversion needs.

We work with all sized companies and customers, not only in Plymouth but also in many major cities across the US, offering both walk-in and onsite scanning services.

If you’re interested but have a few unanswered questions, we’re happy to answer any feedback about our service and help discuss the various solutions that are available for your needs. In fact, there’s an overview for our various products and services just below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages are in a bankers box?

A standard bankers box is usually 12.5” wide by 15.5” deep, and 10.5” high and will hold about 2,000-3,000 pages.  The exact amount of pages depends on the files stored, and how they are stored in the box.  Envelopes, file folders, staples, notes, and other such items can take up space and thus the box will hold less.  If a box was completely full of paper files only, then it would approach the 2,700-3,000 page capacity.

What are my storage options once you scan my documents?

We can accommodate virtually any document storage or document management system you have.  Files can be saved to an external hard drive, saved on your server or computer network, hosted on the cloud, or uploaded into your document management system.

Are my documents secure at your facility?

Yes!  We provide multiple levels of security, depending on the nature and sensitivity of your documents.  All client documents are secure within our locked and secure facilities and data centers. Our centers are with restricted access and handling.  Additionally, the computers and equipment we utilize to perform the scanning services are air-gap secure, meaning they are not connected and cannot be accessed from the web, our internal corporate network, or any external networks. Our software, hardware, and other such systems are also secure from any potential threats, and if there is a sure sign of a threat, we’ll ensure that your document is under our control and secured .

Do you offer OCR scanning?

Yes, we do.  OCR (optical character recognition) scanning is a technology that enables you to convert the scanned images into editable and searchable data.

Fully Customizable Document and Records Scanning Services in Plymouth Area

Your project is unique, and your business has specific processes, procedures, and goals to accomplish with your scanning project.  Your needs require a specific way to be met, and will be matched to a customized solution, providing the most cost effective scan to file solution possible.  Whether you are striving for a paperless office, converting old file cabinets of paper to digital format to save storage, scanning microfilm records to document imaging, or looking for OCR scanning of company, customer, legal, or medical records – we’ve got the technology and experience to deliver the solution you need.

Document Scanning Services, From Paper to Paperless, Scanning Your Document at the Best Price

With the advent of the internet, the business world has been changed irreversibly for the better in general, with many taking their operations, documents, and management to the online world and shifting from paper to the digital, improving efficiency all around, be it in storage with paper documents taking up much of said storage space, then converted into a more storage efficient online document format; or time, with all that sifting around to find the documents that you need in dusty storage rooms, shaving off entire days worth of looking; there’s even new management apps like Evernote improving productivity in many fields with their utility. And let’s not forget to mention the overall improvement to the state of documents once they’re scanned and digitized, they get turned from easy to steal and destroy information to efficient digital copies that are not just easy to get, but are also hard to steal and destroy thanks to their placement in secure storage or data centers.

Its undeniable, digital information, documents, management, is the future for business, especially those whose documents are still on paper. And its evident- even more so in this new paperless era, that business documents, information, records, etc., need to be scanned quickly, secured from potential destruction or theft, and stored in secure storage or data centers, depending on what kind of format was used. Luckily for you, top notch document, data center, storage, and overall security, is a specialty of ours alongside our rapid and efficient scanning of documents and information.

Ever felt the frustration of looking around in storage spaces for that paper document you need? All those days of being told to look for something? As well as the tedium of pulling that document out of storage and scanning it into the digital? And then there’s the problem with all the inefficiencies all this creates for your business, the management will be up in arms! And let’s not to mention the potential destruction of said paper documents, imagine the costs and issues it would give the management! Well worry not, with outsourcing is the thing now, and quality labor is abundant, conversion of hundreds if not thousands of paper documents into digital ones is a piece of cake. Document management has never been so easier, especially so with the myriad of document scanning services out there. Digital images are now a thing when every one wants to access them on their phones on an app.

But as with all the people partaking in this rapid new digital age, you’d want the best possible, the most secure, and the speediest. Well worry not! Our services fit all those things like a glove. We are the best document scanners in the area. With our usage of the most up-to date and advanced scanning systems, the most secure procedures, and the usage of the latest apps like Evernote to help us out, we’ll convert and deliver those digitized paper documents over to you at a high-speed, quality, and valued rate. If you take our services, you’ll be shaving off days worth of time on the job!

In fact, we’ll be giving you a thorough view of our various document scanning and conversion services.

We are the Best in Digital Document Management and Scanning

We’re a sidekick of the many businesses out there and their needs such as their corporate and customer records, their various documents and drafts, and all the other kinds of data out there that need to be taken care of. But we don’t cater to business data, documents, and their scanning alone, in fact, we’re also the sidekick of a myriad of other sectors, and give our services to said sectors as well, scanning their documents, data, and whatnot. One example would be in health and medicine, where we take medical or patient records and documents and digitize them. We make sure to keep medical records of patients private. Here’s an overview of the other businesses that partake in our scanning services, content, and solutions.

We also cover educatory documents and their digitization; enrollment forms, student files, projects, notes, you name it, we scan and digitize it into the required formats, and of course, all document scans are done in a secure way, so potential thieves can’t access your information.

We can also take care of government and law enforcement papers in a reputable and cost effective way, be it from the mayor to law enforcement’s forensics, firearms, custody, or child protection documents, again, you name it, we scan and digitize it securely.

The press is a big user of document scanning services, and surprisingly, the same also applies with media and entertainment. There’s a big market for the digitization of microfilm and also with artworks, photos, posters, books, magazines, and so much more. A memorable image on paper can now digitally stored.

And on top of it all, we use the latest, the fastest, the best productivity and management apps out there, one example would be the highly acclaimed productivity app Evernote, among other apps and services. In fact, app companies also want to access, view, and partake in our speedy scans and solutions. In general, I guess you could say we’re at the center of everything, providing everyone with a document or data need with the scanning and secure storage that they need.

For Your Document and File Scanning and Management Needs and Cheap Scan Solutions

We prepare your document scanning needs like no other. Each scanned documents are in compliance to industry standard formats. As for the conversion of scanned images, we use industry standard data and image formats to insure long-term preservation of your digital documents at our secure data center. We do in TIFF, PDF, and even JPG images in black and white, grayscale, and in color. We securely deliver it to you via FTP, USBs, cloud systems, and/or uploaded our data center. If you prefer to store your scanned documents on CDs or USBs, we can send it to you through FedEx. Our service is compatible for all document imaging and content management solutions. We make document management easier for you.

Secure Scanning of Your Document, Sure Safety of Your Information and Business Document

Here’s an overview of what security our services have to offer. With all this information is stored in our data centers, keeping said information under our control and ensuring that they’re kept away from malicious elements looking for a quick buck from your document, is highly paramount. That is why our information and document management and scanning services are in general, not only high speed for your convenience, but are also highly secure, not just from information theft, but also from data corruption and destruction. Not only that, its also protected 24-7, all the time! We offer multiple and great levels of security depending on what the nature and sensitivity of the documents are.

The apps that we use, such as the productivity software Evernote, are also secure from any online threats that could potentially steal, destroy, or otherwise compromise your document. Our document scanner software and hardware, and all such products that we use to get your document quickly, are also as secure as the others, along with our document management systems and the like. You’ll find that our security is miles and days ahead of the competition!

Search no more! Work with the best document scanning service provider here Plymouth. Contact us today for a quote on your project, and we’ll discuss the options with you to find the best solution. We make scanning documents great and easy for you! Feel free to apply for a service of ours!

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