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Over 20 Years of Expierence

We specialize in fast and reliable digital conversion of any size or scope of document.

Minnesota Wide Format Scanning

We offer wide format scanning services to convert your large-format documents into digital scans. Using our large format scanners we can convert paper documents into PDF, JPG, TIFF, or other common file formats. Enlargement and copying services through large format scanning is also available.

Blueprint Scanning

We provide blueprint scanning services for the conversion or copying of architectural, mechanical, construction, and engineering blueprint drawings. Scanning your wide format documents ensures you can easily send and share your files. Our scanners also make storing documents much more manageable.

Wide Format Copying Services

We can copy large format blueprints, mechanical drawings, topographical maps, survey plans, mechanical drawings, architectural plans, and engineering drawings. Our printers and software allow us to print in both black & white or color in a wide array of sizes and on different materials.

Wide Format Documents

Go Paperless

No document scanning jobs or services are too large or too small in Minnesota – and we’ll make sure it’s done right, on time, and on budget whether you need on-site document scanning services or off-site document scanning services.

Need some help with your large-format document scan?

Let IOT and our document scanning professionals help support your conversion to a paperless office. We’ve been in business for 25 years and have the experience necessary to get your project done efficiently and correctly!
Get rid of the filing cabinets, old inkjet printers, binders, and folders! Moving to digital copies will save you precious office space. Our fast and personal document scanning service will scan your documents, records, and files into the digital file type you need (JPEG, PDF, TIFF, etc). Quality & accuracy are our priority and we can support all kinds of different file types & sizes.

Optimize the way you manage and store your documents! With our software we can scan your documents into searchable PDFs and index your files to save you time. Converting your paper records into digital files will make them easy to send & share. Need to find a specific file or customer? Indexing your files makes them easy to sort through, and searchable PDFs make finding a specific word or phrase a breeze.

IOT can scan your wide format documents, too. Artwork, blueprints, and large format drawings can be easily converted into color or black and white scans. Large format documents can be difficult to store, having digital copies is an easy and efficient option.

No project is too large or too small! We can scan personal documents (tax records, bank statements, mortgage paperwork, receipts), business documents, legal documents, patient files, and more. We can also scan books (bound or unbound) into editable documents.

If you’re concerned about the documents leaving your office, we also have onsite scanning solutions. Whether you’d like to have our document scanning professionals work onsite or you’d like to rent equipment and do-it-yourself, we will work with you to find the option that best fits your needs and budget.

We can also pick-up and drop-off your project once it is completed. Once your scanning is complete, we can deliver the files to you via USB, Hard Drive, or even a Cloud Storage service (Google Drive, DropBox, etc). Need your documents destroyed once they’re scanned? We offer shredding services, too!

Services and Support for Large Fragile Documents

We will handle your documents as carefully as possible. Older documents or documents that were printed on fragile material sometimes need special treatment in order to scan them. Originals that are fragile will be treated differently than standard wide format scans. In certain cases, we will use a mylar carrier to protect your documents if necessary. Some documents need repairing (rips, tears, holes, etc), we will also make sure to prepare your document before scanning it. Other times, we will use gloves when handling originals. Some document preparation services require a small additional cost.

PDF’s and Indexing Features

Your documents will be scanned to whatever popular format you need – PDF, JPG, or TIFF. PDF copies are indexed with relevant information for document management needs. We can scan your originals in color or black & white. We can also work with you to determine what resolution should be used to scan your documents (typically around 200 DPI is sufficient, but detailed drawings or artwork require a higher DPI).

Not sure where to start?

Contact one of our document scanning professionals to get a free and personalized quote! We can help answer your questions about document scanning:
· How large is my document scanning project?
· How long will it take to scan my documents?

· How much will my project cost?

Fast Turn Around Time For Any Document Type

No matter how large your project is, or whether you need it fast or slow – we have well trained staff that can work around the clock to meet your organizations time sensitive needs. Contact one of our large format document scanning professionals to discuss your project size and get an estimated timeline for completion.

Minnesota Wide Format Scanning Experts

We are your Minnesota local in business for 25 years, dependable, honest, and affordable provider of scan to PDF services. No scan to PDF job is too large or too small, whether you have personal or business documents. We’ll make sure it’s done right, on time, and on budget!

All Local Scanning!

We are proud to provide all scanning services as a local business. No shipping your content around the world to other vendors to get the job done. Our professional scanning services take place either onsite at the client’s location or at our own facilitates in Eagan, MN. All scan work is always handled with care by our own staff.

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